Monday, June 24, 2013

Hooray! It's FINALLY here! Teachers Write! 2013

Last summer, I dove headfirst into the very first Teachers Write! virtual summer writing camp.  It both took my breath away and energized me at the same time, feeling just like an early morning jump into the pool.  I have been anxiously waiting all year to dive in again, and here we are!
For those of you who aren't familiar with Teachers Write!, here is the link to Kate Messner's blog, where she runs through all of the basics.   It's a quick read- so come right back when you finish...

... So now that you're up to speed, I'm going to swim ahead to today's Mini-Lesson Monday, which is all about Writer's Notebooks.

I have a confession to make.  I LOVE office supply stores!  I was so tempted to buy a brand-new notebook for Teachers Write!, but I restrained myself.  Even though that Easy! button was calling me to browse all of the shiny-brand-new-beautiful-oh-so-cool (Look at Me!  I'm so awesome!) notebooks, I refrained.  Because, quite honestly, I have notebooks, and they are beat-up, but they have ME inside of them.  My thoughts, ideas, dreams, quotes, scribbles, drawings, maps, and everything.  Here are some pictures of my current raggedy notebook:
Not new, but it does have a pink glitter cover, despite the peeling edges...

My scribble-scrabble brain scratches inside.
It is not shiny.  It is not new.  But neither am I.  And that's OK.

If you got a shiny new one, though, I'd love to see it!  I'll live vicariously through you...


  1. Kristin, I love your excitement. I'm doing Teachers Write for the 2nd summer, too, and it's so great they created this 'camp' for us to all share this experience together. I'm with you about office supplies... A few minutes into the store I'm holding a box of pens, eyeing notebooks and muttering, "What did I come in here for?" :) Although my blog about my notebooks was more stressful today, since I'm in the throes of typing up my scrawled notes. ( Must write neater from here on. Good luck with your week!

  2. Mine is not shiny, but it is empty ... and I have had it for years ... :) You have a partner in being a major fan of office supply stores!Pens and notebooks in all colors, designs, and sizes make me smile! Hopefully my notebook will not be empty for long ...

  3. I love the analogy between you and your notebook, using NOT shiny and new as the descriptor!! I have so many notebooks with so many thoughts. You are inspiring me to dive into some of them to capture some thinking on which I might want to expand. Thanks so much for visiting me at my new, personal blog. I love making new writing friends!