Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Carving out time to write is tough.  Work, kids, husband, with all of our schedules and needs, finding my writing groove has been a challenge.

Enter the #5amwritersclub.

While my progress is slow (sloth-like, actually), taking an hour of my morning to read, reflect, plan, and continue my story has been a refreshing plunge back into the writing world.  I am making progress, with a little support from fellow writers in fuzzy slippers.  And coffee...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

5 am Writers Club

This week, I was up early by chance.  Through habit, I checked Twitter and noticed a hashtag #5amwritersclub.  Curious, I checked the feed, and discovered a group of writers who motivate each other to write early in the morning.  Since the start of the school year, besides the blog I maintain with the boys, my writing has become academic and I haven't figured out how to weave in daily writing.  I began writing a YA novel this summer, and I am finally coming back to it this cold, cold January. It feels so good to reengage.  How exciting that I have found this avenue!  So far, this is my third day in the "club" and I am engaged and excited to write again!  Hello writer me!  It's nice to be back.

Here's today's quick write (copyrighted my me!):

He notices everything.  When I'm happy, he's happy.  Reflections of my sadness and fear appear on his concerned face.  Silent eyes evaluate my day and ask questions without words.  He knows.  I can bring him down with my mood, yet often it is he that lifts me up.  "Hey Beff."  He touches the scar on my face, still bothered by it long after it has healed and forgotten.  It is still a change, a difference noticed.  Memories pushed aside in my head, buried deep, are surfaced with a single look.  A touch.
I often bristle against it, not willing to connect with myself in that way.  Sometimes it is easier to continue with a brave face, to pretend that everything is fine and it is all ok.  But he sees and he knows and he tells me.  Without words.  He keeps me honest.