Monday, July 16, 2012

Pick One!

This Monday, I am doing the Monday morning warm-up, courtesy of Jo Knowles.  From her blog:

I picked:  Come away with me.

Come away with me.  Disconnect, empty your angry heart, and walk with me to another place.  Away.  
Far from disappointment and fear, where your eyes can be opened and unburdened by hate and judgement and lies.  Away.  
Step forward and see.   Separate yourself from the rest and their expectations and costumes   and paint.  See yourself For Real.  
Because I know you are in there.  Deep inside the layers of walls and spikes and wire that you have wrapped around yourself, you are there.  I know.  I Know.
Reveal your real self to me.  Come to that place, where it is safe to breathe, clear and clean, a fresh start to begin your true story without the mistakes of your past.

Come away with me.

You'll be Free.

I wrote this today with my main character in mind.  She is very wrapped up in herself and I am having trouble getting into her heart.  She doesn't trust anyone, even me.  I'm hoping she'll let me in soon.

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