Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning Warm-up 7/9

Today's Warm-up via Jo Knowles:

My favorite place:  My writing nook

Flip flops underneath
Drawers filled with stuff
Bulletin board
Piles of papers
Empty file folders
A tissue from my sneezes
Empty boxes for trinkets
Rainbow pens
Boxes of books
Bags filled with books
Piles of books
New bookcase waiting to be filled
Love seat
Unfolded Laundry on top
Piper, my pup, taking a nap

Now here is the story of my writing nook:

I love my husband with all my heart.  We share just about everything.  For most of our marriage, we shared an office space.  From a converted attic to a rarely used dining room, our combined home workplace has evolved over the last 18 years of marriage. While I was home with three little ones, this worked out well.  My turn during the day, his turn at night.  
Later, when I went back to school to get my M.Ed., we invested in my little MacBook laptop, which I still use today.  Still, I did not have a place of my own to research, write, and work.  So, my laptop followed me to the kitchen, dining room, even on my bed as a surface to spread out and create.  Being a flexible person, my mobile office was sufficient most of the time, but I'll admit that I did some office hogging towards the end of my practicum to finish up case studies and reports.  My husband, ever obliging, understood my acute need, and happily supported my office siege.  After the waters calmed and I made my "pomp and circumstance" procession, however, there was a noticeable shift in our office partnership.  With my mobile Mac, I was no longer a co-owner of the space, but a sometimes visitor.  
When we moved two years ago, our lovely home came with a real-live official office, but still, I was a guest in this place.  Agreeing that I needed a domain of my own, to write and create and be, my desk, my lovely writing abode, with its piles and mess, was created.  Some may see this separation as a negative, but this desk is the most cherished gift that he has given to me.  He knows what I need.  A place to grow and dream, the most loving gift of space.  It is my writing nook sanctuary.  

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