Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making Rain- Quick Write 7/10

From Kate Messner's blog: Our Tuesday Quick-Write guest author today is Megan Miranda.  Learn more about her at her website: http://www.meganmiranda.com/ 
I hadn't considered how weather can influence plot and character development in my writing, and I am excited to see how this turns out!  We can't have perpetual sunny skies in YA, with all of its angst, right?  Ok.  Here comes the rain.  And thunder.  And lightning.

The low rumble of thunder in the distance jolted Beth from her slumber.  Opening her eyes, she surveyed the damage.  Half-empty glass, perched on top of the pile of homework on her nightstand, discarded mini-skirts and dresses lying rejected on the floor, and makeup containers strewn across the dresser.  All of them reminders of last night and the garbage that she had become.  
Flecks of rain began to tick on the window beside her bed, each tiny tap intensifying the thudding inside her head.  Slowly sliding her feet onto the shag rug, Beth wobbled her way to her bathroom, using the wall as both a guide and support.  A crack of lightning illuminated her reflection in the mirror as she perched in front of the sink.  Streaks of mascara and smeared red lipstick punctuating the sickness erupting from inside.  As the thunder cracked loud and close, she lurched over to the toilet and heaved.   Her only thought, her only reprieve, Maybe Dad won't hear my shame over the raging storm outside.

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