Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Believe in Words

From Kate Messner's blog post on Thursday 7/5:  Today’s Thursday Quick-Write is courtesy of guest author D. Dina Friedman
This week has been an emotional one, for many reasons, and I feel like my barometer is slowly rising from the depths.  With the range of emotions running inside of me, you would think that I would have plenty to say through my writing.  However, the opposite is true, because I'm afraid that opening up myself to my feelings will create a storm of tears that I'd rather keep tucked away in my little blonde head.  I know that I will continue to stall and stick unless I try to get something out, so maybe a poem will be my alcove in which to hide while the rain passes through.

I chose to begin with "I believe..."
Untitled by K. Bispels

I believe in words.  
Connecting with one look
Known by two alone
Communication without sound.

I believe in words.
Listening to the little things
Urgent in their brevity
Significant and everlasting.

I believe in words.
Joyful solitary singing
Joined by a loving chorus
Laughing and applause.

I believe in words.
Spoken and unspoken
Living fully in the moment
Fleeting are those temporary

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