Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday Q&A 6/6

Wednesday's Q & A was an opportunity for those of us participating in Teachers Write! to ask for advice and guidance from a panel of real live authors.  Margo Sorensen and Kate Messner herself responded to my question about that urgent writing voice that lives inside my head.  I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to ask my questions to such amazing writing experts directly.  You can read their responses here.

Hi everyone,
I have been reading the questions and comments this evening, and I love all of the wonderful resources, support, and advice given by everyone in this writing community. Thank you!
My question is this: How do you, as a writer, balance your “real world” with your “story world” and remain grounded? This is day 3 of writing camp, and already I am feeling the pull of the writer inside of me. I really shouldn’t neglect my children, husband, and puppy, right? I’ve committed to my writing schedule (as assigned on Day 1), but my thoughts are continually returning to story ideas as I weed, do the dishes, cook dinner, and drive. How do you manage that urgent little voice inside your head?

Now that I'm finally "cooking" my writing ideas through this writing camp experience, I've found that my stovetop has turned up the heat on a stew in my brain that has been simmering for years.   It's not even close to being edible, but I'll keep adding spices and stirring... and turn off the burner when I need to take a break and spend time with my family!

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