Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick Write 6/12 - A letter to her mother

Today's #TeachersWrite writing prompt is courtesy of guest author Jeannine Atkins.  http://www.Jeannineatkins.com

I've decided to write my letter from my main character to her mother.  I haven't really decided on their relationship yet, and I'm hoping that this medium will help me better define their roles.  Please note that this is no reflection on my own relationship to my mother!

I'm writing to let you know that I will not be spending the summer with you in New York.  I've gotten a job at ArcCrest as a care assistant.  I know that my tuition to U. of Penn is covered, between your payments and my scholarship award, but I also need to make some spending money of my own.  You must understand that I need to do this for myself.  Yes, that's where Jimmy lives, and I'll see him every day- that is part of it, too.  
More importantly, though, I need to do this for me.  All of my life, people have said to me, "You look just like your mother,"  "You have the same smile," and "You're like a minature version of Sandy!"  I get it, we come from the same gene pool.  I can see your face right now, like mine, with furrowed eyebrows and pinched lips as you read this.  I do not want to disappoint you.  I also do not want to be you.  I want to be me.  Spending the summer in New York as a shadow to the great and powerful Sandra Bell, partner at Dubner, Walker, and Bell is not for me.  It's not my future.
My future is here, with Dad and Jimmy in Pennsylvania.  I want to be a teacher, and work with kids just like my brother.  You know, Jimmy comes from the same gene pool as me, too.  He just got an extra one on his 21st chromosome.   I know that his arrival was hard on you.  Maybe that's why you dove headfirst into your career.  Maybe that is why you left.  
But I am not like you.  I need to stay.  I hope some part of you can understand.

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