Monday, June 11, 2012


Today I begin my first official day of summer!  Hooray!
Husband off to work? Check!
Kids still sleeping? Check!
Coffee?  Check!

Our mini-lesson is on outlining today, which is perfect timing, because I have a whole lot of story ideas in my head, and a whole lot of Nothing on paper.  I'm excited for the opportunity to start to flesh out my thoughts to create some kind of cohesive outline.

What's that?  Kid is awake.  Asking for breakfast.  I tell him to go get some cereal.  He can do that.
Dog is barking.  Tell kid to take dog outside.

Back to work.  Post-its are my friend.  Is there anything better than Post-its?  I envision my bulletin board covered with a network of intricately placed Post-its, outlining my masterpiece of literary perfection.  Arrows marking my plot lines, codes like stars and check marks indicating tension and conflict, rising action, a climax, and the amazing resolution that will make my readers cry.

What's that? Kid #2 is awake.  His eye is swollen shut, and red shiny bumps cover the left side of his body.  Poison ivy.  I give him the ivy wash, tell him to take a shower, strip his bed and put his bedcoverings, clothing, and towel from yesterday into the washing machine.  Make a mental note to call doctor after I finish my outline.

Sitting back down into my chair, I furiously write on Post-its, because I know that the clock is ticking and the end of my writing time is near.  I stick them on my storyboard.

It's good to have high expectations, right?

The storyboard image of my mind is vastly different from the output I generated this morning, but it is a start.  At least my Nothing is now Something, even if that Something is Not Much.

Writing is hard work.
Why do I love this torment so much?  I think that is a post for another day and another blog.  In the meantime, I will continue to Post-it, write, ponder, and battle the evil Poison Ivy.


  1. Your post for today has poetic verse mixed in as well! I love how you blend them together!
    Thanks for sharing your work with us!

    1. Thank you for reading it and offering feedback!

  2. I had to smile at, "At least my Nothing is now Something even if that Something is Not Much!" It stuck in my head. It may not feel like you have accomplished much, but from the writing in your post, I am confident that you have what it takes to create!

    1. I appreciate the props~ I was feeling defeated in the moment. So nice. :)