Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Time

I am a ponderer.  A thinker.  I reflect and consider things and ask questions.  I wonder.

Too much.

I use lots of time to plan and brainstorm ideas for writing, but my biggest problem is the action.  Getting started.

Now that my children are approaching their Teen Years, I know that mornings will be the best time for me to write.  After my husband heads off to work, I will have no problem carving out at least 30 minutes first thing each day to sit at my lovely writing desk and type away while I drink my coffee.  For me, however, the biggest challenge will be typing that first word.

So here is my plan:  I will allow myself to consider, ruminate, postulate, and mull over my words for exactly 5 minutes, and then I will begin.  I have a timer.

If, by chance, my children happen to arise early on a summer morn, I'll make sure they know that they may not interrupt my writing time. 

Ready?  Set.  Go!!

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