Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday rewind- Point of View

Today is Friday, but I am working on the quick-write from yesterday.  It's funny, because my plan is to structure my book based on the voices of two characters, and a scene that I had written from the antagonist's point of view has been running around in my head for a while now.  My plan was to re-write it from the perspective of the protagonist anyway, so this is the perfect option for me.

Thursday's Quick-Write option #2 is from Kate Messner and it’s about exploring points of view.  Here's my protagonist's perspective on the library scene.

Not many people know that the library is open for browsing during the lunch hour.  To be honest, I don't think many people care.  Its much more fun to join the fray of gossip in the cafe.  Take a break from thinking and school and whisper about Mindy, who has been throwing up in the bathroom between classes.  Or Geena, who wears the same pair of jeans every Thursday- jeans from Target.  Can you believe it?  My group of friends- if you can call them that- has endless tidbits of information for discussion during lunch.  Laughing, loud exchanges, faking their way to popularity with rumors spread strategically throughout the day.  Lunchtime is the best way to gather momentum for the latest greatest tale of woe.
I'm not sure why they chose to include me in their silliness.  Kenzie, Tori, and Cammie took in Beth, the "new girl" this year as their pet project (they re-named me "Lizzie").  Mom would be so proud.  She made sure that I was equipped this time with all of the "right" stuff.  Designer clothes, highlights in my hair, jewelry- all of the latest trends are represented on yours truly.  The only thing I wouldn't alter- glasses.  Can't stand contacts, so she bought a ridiculous pair of frames that were extremely overpriced, in my opinion.  Overlooking that one character flaw, my new BFFs were happy to help me jump onto the fast train to social bliss with all of my surface value.

I need the library today.  I need a break from the chatter to clear the screaming voice inside my head.  That voice that knows its all pretend and reminds me of who I really am.  Non-fiction.  I inhale deeply, taking in the redolent mix of ink, must, and pencil shavings.  Walking slowly through the 300s, I can feel myself moving closer to home with each soundless step.  Exhaling slowly, my heart jumps as I find it.  Special Education: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.   Relieved to be the solitary user of the library, I quickly grab the book and make my way to the checkout before the bell rings.  I'll just slip it into my backpack before heading straight to World Cultures.  Who needs lunch, anyway?  I have a granola bar that will get me through until dismissal.
Wait.  I know it was here, next to the printer by the door.  Where is it?  A wave of panic rushes to my head, and I can feel it compressing a black clamp between my eyes, making me lose my balance.  My journal.  My life.  My bag.  WHERE IS IT???

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